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Annotated Bibliography: This bibliography was compiled by the researchers in this project. Most of the entries are from professional scientific journals, but a few reference material on the web. There are over 100 entries.

Selected Web Sites and Videos: Among the thousands of websites dealing with antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, we found those linked below to be most useful for our project, because of relevance to our foucs, wealth of information, or ease of use.


Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE)

Hearing on “Antibiotic Resistance and the Use of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture”

Antimicrobial (Drug) Resistance: Understanding Antimicrobial (Drug) Resistance


Pew Charitable Trusts: Human Health and Industrial Farming

Eggs recalled after salmonella found at Ohio farm

Timeline of antibiotic development

Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria "talk" to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks. The find has stunning implications for medicine, industry -- and our understanding of ourselves.

CBS Evening News: Newer, Deadlier Version of E. coli Spreads - Katie Couric Reports on a Hard-to-Treat New Generation of Superbug InfectionsMutated E-Coli Turned Deadly Superbug A new and deadlier version of E-Coli with a supergene that makes it extremely hard to treat is spreading around the world. Not many cases have been diagnosed, but as Katie Couric reports, public health officials are worried about its potential.

CBS News: Deadly 'Superbugs' Plaguing Hospitals Superbugs are a type of bacteria that are able to survive exposure to antibiotics, and as Katie Couric reports, new classes of the deadly Superbugs are becoming a growing threat around the country that has doctors and hospitals on edge.

A discussion of how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. This video is part of a discussion about whether or not antibiotic resistance is evidence for transgenic evolution. It argues that these bacteria developing resistance does not support evolution. Whether you agree with their argument or not, what they have to say about the process of developing resistance is informative.

New Strains of Old Diseases Prove Antibiotic Proof. Doctors and scientists around the world say they are seeing a disturbing new trend, not only are old diseases making a comeback but the antibiotics that used to work now do little against them.