History of antibiotic resistance

Why worry?

Animals and antibiotics

What we know and how we act


What can we do?

More information



What can we do to prolong the effectiveness of antibiotics?

In our daily practices

Read Misuse puts you and others at risk, published by Mayo Clinic.

Visit Fight Back, a website devoted to educating the public about how to keep food safe from bacteria, sponsored by The Partnership for Food Safety Education.

Visit FoodSafety.gov, especially their page on Food Poisoning to learn more about bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that may cause food poinsoning.

Learn more about how over use of antiseptics may contribute to the growth of resistant bacteria by visiting Science Blog: Hand Hygiene.

Learn more about dangers of the overuse of disinfectants by visiting The Effects of Disinfectants & Antiseptics on Humans.

Read How to use antibiotics safely.

Read Antibiotic questions and answers, published by the Centers for Desease Control and Prevention.

Read Antibiotic Use and Resistance Web Resource Manual, published by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Read this brochure, titled "use antibiotics wisely."

Visit the Global Oneness page on Antibiotic Resistance. It has links to much useful material.

Watch the video below about antibiotic resistance and what we can do.


In our political and social involvement

Support the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics and investigate their link labeld "Consumer and Practitioner Resources."

Visit AWARE, Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education, to see how they have formed an social action group.

Read Antimicrobial Resistance: A Plan of Action for Community Practice.

Read Stuart Levy's Antibiotic and antiseptic resistance: impact on public health.

Check to see if there is an antibiotics resistance group in your area and if there isn't consider gather concerned citizens and practitioners to form one.

Join an organization like Food Democracy Now that supports small farmers and organic farmers. They often put out calls for action related to animal confinement and food safety issues relevant to concerns about antibiotic resistance.