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  • This week's study (Jan. 20 at 6:30 at St. Matthew Lutheran in Spring Lake, MI) with focus on Out of the Silent Planet. Preliminary: Lewis on myth: http://sullivanfiles.net/lewis/myth.htm Here are the passages/topics I would like to visit in Out of the Silent Planet: 1. The hnakra (shark-like creature): last 2 paragraphs of chapter 7; a passage starting about the last two pages of chapter 12: "All the same, said Ransom . . ." (about two or three paragraphs); first 3 or 4 pages of chapter 13. 2. Ransom's illusory (?) companion: beginning of chapter 9. 3. Ransom's overcoming stereotypes given him by modern world view: 2nd paragraph of ch. 10; 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of chapter 11 and a paragraph about one page before the end of chapter 11, "Naturally his conversations . . ."; 2nd paragraph of chapter 14. 4. Description of Thulcandra as silent planet: about 3 pages into chapter 18, "Oyarsa spoke . . ." 5. Lewis's satirical retelling of Weston's philosophy beginning about 2 pages into chapter 20, "Speak to Ransom and he shall turn it into our speech" and a few pages beyond that. Last time we looked at Lewis's life, read a bit of a letter about Lewis smuggling theology in under the guise of romance, and we listened to a part of his "Funeral of a Great Myth" where he described "evolutionism." We also looked at a few passages in Out of the Silent Planet. 1. Lewis's references to H. G. Wells: the note before chapter 1; the last two paragraphs of chapter 5. I would also add the paragraph near the end of ch. 11 that begins, "Naturally his conversations with the hrossa . . . 2. Lewis's contrast between heaven and space: paragraphs 7 and 8 of chapter 5; last paragraph of chapter 6; second to last paragraph of chapter 22.

    A C. S. Lewis Discussion Group

    Leader: Dale Sullivan

     Beginning Wednesday, January 6, 2016 , 6:30 pm, and meeting every other week

    St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Spring Lake, MI

    We will focus on Lewis's science fiction trilogy this semester.

    Out of the Silent Planet


    That Hideous Strength