Dale Sullivan Schedule for April 20-24

Minard 318 E50, 701.231.7144. Request appointment through email: dale.sullivan@ndsu.edu

  Mon, April 20 Tues, April 21 Wed, April 22 Thurs, April 23 Fri, April 24
8:30   M. Horter      
9:00 Sandford health   K. Lorenz   M. Henkel
9:30 SH Century        
10:00 Theatre data committee     R. West
10:30   dc     R. Trottier
11:00   dc Aurora&Jared H. Erickson D. Ulmer
11:30 W. Huesers PRC Engl Fac    
Noon Lunch PRC Lunch    
12:30 Lunch PRC Lunch    
1:00   Lunch   J. Opdahl  
1:30     Gen Ed   travel
2:00 B. Clark   Gen Ed Lunch travel
2:30       Lunch travel
3:00 Schell defense IRB train Schell present M. Johnson travel
3:30 Schell defense room of nations Schell present Kim and James travel
4:00 Schell defense   Schell present   travel
4:30         travel